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Two world records were set by a young Ingush

24.11.2019 79 просмотров

Seven-year-old Ibragim Lyanov did several thousand push-ups.

The boy has two honorary certificates from the Russian Book of Records: about four thousand push-ups in two hours and almost 4.5 thousand in one set. 

World record set
Georgian weightlifter (Video)
His personal achievement is eleven thousand push-ups in two and a half hours. Moreover, his performance technique is impeccable.   

Ibragim's father, who trains the boy himself, says that he does at least 7,500 push-ups every day. Saturday is the control day, Sunday is the only day off. Meanwhile, the boy still has time to go to freestyle wrestling and play with his peers.  

By the way, Ibragim's father dreams that his son will establish a record. 

Let's add that the health of the child is constantly monitored by doctors. They make sure that non-childish loads do not harm the growing body.

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