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The tournament in Ulaanbaatar will help Russian judoists to get out of isolation

17.06.2022 ТАСС 41 просмотров

The participation of Russians in the tournament in Ulaanbaatar will be a victory for sport over politics.

The participation of Russian judoists in the Grand Slam tournament in Ulaanbaatar will be a big step for the victory of sport over politics. This opinion was expressed to TASS on Thursday by the president of the Judo Federation of St. PetersburgMikhail Rakhlin at the grand opening of the International Youth Judo Tournament "Anatoly Rakhlin Cup", which is part of the sports program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

On June 11, the International Judo Federation (IJF) announced that Russian athletes have registered to participate in the Grand Slam Judo tournament in Ulaanbaatar. Russian and Belarusian judoists will compete in a neutral status under the flag and anthem of the IJF. The tournament will be held from 24 to 26 June.

"Of course, there are people who are already preparing in advance to create some kind of negative, there are those who will treat passively and calmly. There are people who will be happy to participate, because to become a champion, you need to fight with a champion, you can only win in a fight with a strong team. If such a situation takes place, it will be a big step in the victory of sport over politics," he saidMikhail Rakhlin.

On March 2, the IJF announced that Russian athletes will be able to compete at international competitions under the organization's flag. On March 14, the press service of the Russian Judo Federation reported that Russian judoists suspended their performances in competitions under the auspices of the IJF and The European Judo Union (EJU).

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