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Turkmen chess player wins bronze at international tournament in Serbia

25.07.2021 47 просмотров

An athlete from Turkmenistan, Meylis Annaberdiev, won the bronze medal at the international chess tournament in Serbia, where, playing in the category of the strongest athletes (category “A”), he earned 7 out of 9 possible points, reports “Turkmenistan: Golden Age”.

As part of the international tournament International OPEN "Paracin 2021", organized by the Serbian Chess Federation, 180 athletes from forty countries of the world competed in the "A" category.

as well as Annaberdyev, 7 points. The winner was an athlete from Azerbaijan, gaining half a point more (7.5).

Meylis Annaberdiyev is an international chess master, a multiple winner of international tournaments, including the 5th Asian Games in indoor and martial arts, where he won bronze, a multiple champion of our country, a member of the national team of Turkmenistan.

As the source notes, Meylis grew up in the dynasty of chess players Annaberdiyev< /b>. His teachers were his father Bayram Annaberdyev, FIDE Master and brother Serdar - honored coach of Turkmenistan.

Meylis is a legionnaire in the city of Mersin , where he has a contract with the Turkish Premier League.

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