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Turkish professor conquered Pobeda Peak

09.09.2019 50 просмотров

An employee of the University of Fine Arts. Mimar Sinana.

Doctor of Sciences Bulent Chinar now has five ascents behind him. For conquering the highest point of the Tien Shan, the professor received the nickname "Snow Leopard". 

Music helped an Irkutsk
pensioner to survive in the mountains
A team of climbers led by Chinar set off to conquer the peak at a temperature of minus 25 degrees. 

“Pobeda Peak, almost 7.5 thousand meters high, is known as one of the most inaccessible in Central Asia and in the world. This year, 4 climbers died on a difficult road. We started our ascent on July 19 and after 20 days we were already at the top,” said the professor.

President of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation Esan Bashar sent an official congratulation to the team. According to him, the athletes repeated the success of Ali Nasuh Mahruki. This man not only conquered the highest peak in the world, Everest, but also became the first Turk to climb the seven highest peaks in the world.

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