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Turkish national ice hockey team strives to be among the best teams in the world

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This team dreams of one day qualifying and competing for medals at the Olympics. In the meantime, hockey players from Turkey will follow the World Championships from home. 

Neither the women's nor the men's teams could qualify for the main winter games. No wonder: ice hockey appeared in the country only in the late 80s. 

>Deniz Ince, head coach of the Turkish men's ice hockey team. - It will take us a long time to reach this level, because we don't have enough funds and players yet. But this is our dream. And we strive to make it a reality.”

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Today amateur and professional arenas exist in many cities of Turkey. Hockey is played by dozens of teams in various leagues and categories. People come to ice sports for various reasons. Some Turkish boys like the positive atmosphere in training and games.

“In hockey you have to be active, fast and strong,” the hockey player named Tuna is sure. -. And everything that happens on the ice is a lot of fun!”

During the Beijing Olympics, the Turkish ice hockey team plans to watch and analyze all the matches of teams from the top echelon and, of course, continue their training, thereby becoming closer to its main goal.  

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