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Turkish laboratory will conduct anti-doping testing of Russian athletes

31.03.2022 46 просмотров

RUSADA announced the signing of an agreement with the Turkish Anti-Doping Laboratory.

On March 30, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) signed a cooperation agreement with the Turkish Anti-Doping Laboratory. Veronika Loginova, Director General of RUSADA, told TASS about this.

“Today, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency signed an agreement with the Turkish Anti-Doping Laboratory, which has accreditation by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency - TASS note), - said Veronika Loginova. — This collaboration is very important to us. We were able to analyze blood samples within the required time frame. Including the implementation of the program of biological passports for athletes.”

On March 4, WADA informed TASS that it was ready to continue cooperation with RUSADA, despite the political situation. Four days later, WADA called on all laboratories to continue testing Russian athletes.

In connection with the deprivation of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory of WADA accreditation, all doping samples taken on the territory of Russia have been checked in foreign laboratories over the past few years , most of which are located in Europe. Currently, air communication between Russia and most European countries is difficult due to the situation in Ukraine.

In 2021, RUSADA sent 11,039 samples to foreign laboratories for testing, of which 10,597 samples were tested in three leading European laboratories (4 122" in Seibersdorf, Austria, 4 087" in Ghent, Belgium, and 2 388" in Stockholm).

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