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Turkey close to hosting Euro 2024

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To host Europe's premier football tournament, Turkey needs to beat the competition from Germany, Anadolu news agency reported.

Where the 2024 European Championship will be held will become known after the announcement of the decision to be made by the UEFA Executive Committee on September 27 in Nyon, Switzerland. 

Germany and Turkey are fighting for the right to host the European Championship. "We hope that the competitions will be held here," the head of the Turkish Football Federation, Yildirim Demireren, said on the eve of the vote.

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According to Anadolu, European football officials have previously noted a significant amount of funds invested by Turkey. At the same time, the Minister of Youth and Sports of the applicant country, Osman Ashkin Bak, said that “German stadiums are old and already collapsing.” 

As noted in the Turkish Football Federation, if the competitions are held in Turkey, then The European Championship will be held in Asia. 

Recall that soon Turkey will host one of the most important events of the football season: in 2020, the Champions League final will be held at the Istanbul Ataturk Stadium.

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