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Tokyo 2020 Olympic torch relay starts

12.03.2020 44 просмотров

Anna Korakaki became the first torchbearer to whom the fire in Ancient Olympia was given.

This is an Olympic champion in air pistol shooting. In total, the relay race will last 8 days in Greece, cover more than three thousand kilometers and pass through 31 cities and 15 archaeological sites in the country.

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In Japan, a martial artist will become one of the
torchbearers in the Olympic torch relay
Olympic tomorrow night The "flame" will arrive at the port of Piraeus, from there the torchbearers will sail on the ferry to the island of Crete.

Then the course to the north of Greece will be set - to Thessaloniki, Amphipolis, Kaval and other cities. Later, the athletes will stop in Kalambaka at the foot of the rocks, on the tops of which the famous Orthodox monasteries of Meteora are located.

Already from there, the participants of the relay race will carry the fire to the city of Marathon, from where the Athens race begins every year, and will visit the city that has become infamous due to the catastrophic fire in the village of Mati. 

On March 19, the relay starts from the Acropolis along the central streets of Athens to the Panathinaikos stadium, where the fire will be handed over to the organizers of the Games in Tokyo.

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