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Thousands of Turkmens climbed the Path of Health

08.04.2019 126 просмотров

The ascent was attended by schoolchildren, students, employees of various industries and representatives of public organizations.

Thus, the Republic celebrated the World Health Day. Sports competitions, demonstration performances and competitions in national games were held in Ashgabat in regional and district centers.

< td> World SAMBO Championships - 2020
to be held in Turkmenistan
President of Tajikistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov did not stand aside. The head of state and members of the government made a bike ride around the Olympic village of the capital of the country, before which the Turkmen leader was presented with a sports bike. 

It is noted that physical education and sports have become an integral part of the life of the Turkmen society. Modern sports complexes, stadiums and specialized sports schools have been built in Ashgabat and other regions of the country. 

National equestrian games are very popular, equestrian sports complexes have been built, and technical sports are developing.

The path of health is a concrete footpath 36 kilometers long. Passes along the Kopetdag ridge in the immediate vicinity of Ashgabat. It is one of the sights of Turkmenistan. Tourists often come here, local residents regularly go for a walk. 

The entire route is concreted, railings are equipped in difficult sections, lamps are installed every 12 meters, there are several sources of drinking water along the entire trail. You can walk along the road at any time of the year and day, it is fully lit. 

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