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The young Russian got into the Book of Records three times

10.02.2020 42 просмотров

Six-year-old resident of Magnitogorsk Artyom Masin pulled himself up 41 times in one set.

This was announced in social networks by the athlete's mother Alla Masina. Not everything is so easy, behind every victory there are daily workouts, said the parent.

< b> A record in the field of sports
fishing set in the UAE
She works as a fitness trainer in one of the clubs in Magnitogorsk. It was Alla who became the first mentor of her son and was able to instill in him a love for sports. Now the boy is actively engaged in gymnastics.

It is noted that for the first time Artyom got into the Russian Book of Records at the age of five. Then he pulled himself up 29 times. Later, the second achievement of the young athlete was recorded - he jumped from a place to a distance of 159 cm.

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