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The symbol of the Japanese Olympics was taken away for prevention

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In Japan, the Olympic rings were sent for cleaning and painting.

The symbol of the upcoming XXXII World Summer Games, the Olympic rings, was installed in Tokyo Bay, in the Odaiba Marine Park. Due to the fact that the main sporting event of the planet has been postponed for a year, the mayor's office decided to check the condition of the monumental structure, refresh the paint, and then return the structure to its place in December of this year.

< br> "In the next 4 months, there will be no coverage of the Olympic theme," says Atsuhi Yanashimizu, director of planning for the Tokyo Government. place".

Japan Olympic rings 4.jpg

The monument consists of multicolored rings. Its height is 15 meters, and its length reaches 33 meters. It was created in 5 months at the Yokohama shipyard, near the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun. Similar art forms are now located at Narita and Haneda airports, as well as on top of Mount Takao. All of these symbols will also undergo mandatory prophylaxis before the resumption of preparations for the Games.

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