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The skater became the absolute winner of the Ice Storm Baikal race for the first time

19.02.2018 185 просмотров

Athlete from Abakan Alexander Ptsarev became the absolute champion of the sixth Baikal extreme race - the Ice Storm 2018 ultramarathon, covering 205 kilometers in 10 hours 28 minutes 45 seconds.

The competitions were held from 16 to 18 February as part of the International Festival of Winter Games on Baikal "Zimniada-2018". 

Sergey Ershov from Irkutsk took the second place, his time was 10 hours 34 minutes 29 seconds. Third place was taken by Ivan Petrov from Moscow with a time of 11 hours 10 minutes 56 seconds. Among women, Maria Romanova from Moscow won the race, covering the distance on skates in 12 hours 38 minutes 12 seconds. In total, 50 people from the Irkutsk region, Moscow and the Moscow region, Nizhny Tagil, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Abakan, France and Spain took part in the competition. 

Alexander Tokarev, organizer of the race, master of sports of international class in mountaineering: 

— For the first time in the history of the race, a skater became the absolute champion of the Ice Storm, before that the race was won by a cyclist from Irkutsk Alexander Ulitin. This year, the distance, which was 205 kilometers and passed from the village of Sakhyurta to the village of Listvyanka, was very difficult: on the second and third days a strong headwind blew, there were heavily snow-covered sections, so some of them left the race. In general, the event passed without incident. 

Kirill Nikiforov from Irkutsk became the first in the cycling race, his time was 11 hours 33 minutes 36 seconds. In second place is another Irkutsk athlete Ilya Martynov with a result of 12 hours 10 minutes 36 seconds. The bronze medalist was Mikhail Lakhturov from Korolev - 12 hours 45 minutes 2 seconds. For women, only Ekaterina Lukasheva from Irkutsk covered the full distance in 13 hours 56 seconds. 

Ice Storm 2018 was dedicated to the memory of the USSR master of sports in mountaineering Valery Popov and the founders of the Baikal skating movement. competitions were held in three stages in two disciplines: skating and cycling. The route ran along the ice of Lake Baikal along the western coastline between the settlements of MRS (Sakhyurta) and Listvyanka. The distance had to be overcome in three days with overnight stays in Buguldeyk and Bolshoy Goloustnoy.

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