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The Russian team became the most numerous at the Universiade-2019

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The international sports festival started in the capital of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on March 2.

The main theme of the opening ceremony was Siberia. The performance called "White Fairy Tale" plunged the guests of the competition into the unique winter atmosphere of the Russian north. On the stage of the Platinum Arena, where the event was held, 11 ice crystals appeared, which turned into pictograms of the sports presented at the championship, reports TASS
In Krasnoyarsk, the
park of the Winter Universiade has opened

The flag-bearer of the Afghan national team, President of the Federation of University Sports of the country, Nasemi Mashkushudin, was the first to pass at the parade of participants. The parade of athletes was completed by the host team of the competition, which became the most numerous. Of the 490 members of the Russian delegation, 295 are athletes. 

After the parade of athletes, Oleg Matytsin, President of the International University Sports Federation (FISU), addressed the participants. He congratulated the audience on the opening of the competition and reminded the athletes that "to achieve the highest results, something more is required than your level of training." “Friendship, dignity and mutual respect are the principles of student sports, be true to them,” said the head of FISU. 

The final chord of the opening was the entrance to the arena of two-time Olympic champion in gymnastics Svetlana Khorkina. With a torch in her hands, she ran to a special podium and lit a hockey ball. Then, 10-time world bandy champion Sergei Lomanov Jr. sent a burning spark into the Yenisei with a well-aimed blow, thereby opening the XXIX World Student Games.

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