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The Russian Paralympic team was admitted to the Games in Beijing

02.03.2022 60 просмотров

The Russians will compete at the Paralympic Games under the flag of the IPC.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has allowed Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing. This was reported by the press service of the organization.

Russian and Belarusian athletes will compete at the Games under the flag of the IPC and will not be included in the medal standings of the Paralympics. It is also reported that the IPC at the Extraordinary General Assembly will decide on the membership of the Paralympic Committees of Russia and Belarus.

membership and whether the membership of the Russian Paralympic Committee and the Belarusian Paralympic Committee should be suspended or terminated. The IPC will not hold any events in Russia or Belarus until further decisions are made,” the press service said.

On February 28, the International Olympic Committee recommended that international sports federations prevent Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in international competitions due to the situation around Russia and Ukraine.

Russian Paralympic athletes had to compete at the Beijing Games under the flag with the RPC emblem with Russian and English (RPC) abbreviations in connection with the sanctions of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The emblem of the team was to be a combination of the Paralympic symbol "Agitos" with three flames, painted in white, blue and red.

The Paralympic Games in Beijing will be held from 4 to 13 March. 78 sets of medals in biathlon, alpine skiing, wheelchair curling, skiing, snowboarding and sledge hockey will be played.

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