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The Russian national team won the World Championship in bandy (bandy) and returned the title of the best team on the planet

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The Russian bandy team on Sunday in Khabarovsk won the gold medals of the world championship, having won in the decisive match a victory over the formidable and principled rival the team of Sweden, and regained the title of the strongest in the world.

In a tense final game, the Russians beat the Swedes 5:4, the Russian team became the first in the world for the 11th time. Almaz Mirgazov scored three goals against the opponents, Alan Dzhusoev and Maxim Ishkeldin scored once each.

President of the Bandy Federation of Russia (FHMR) Boris Skrynnik told RIA Novosti after the victory: "The Russian national team won today primarily due to the dedication of the guys, a good mood for the game and a great desire to win. Victories start from the east, and we brought the first victory to our country today. It's nice that our team is the best in the world. Our gold medals are a good start for all other national teams."< br>
And the head coach of the Russian national team Mikhail Yuryev told a RIA Novosti correspondent: "The victory in the final was won due to several factors. But the most important thing is the right tactics, the dedication of the guys and the fact that they "That's how you can beat the Swedes. And we won with the help of the fans who came to support us, and all those who worried about us all over the country."

The owner of the bronze medals of the championship The team of Finland became the world champion, having won the match for the third place of opponents from Kazakhstan with a score of 8:4. Fifth place in group A was taken by the US team, sixth by Norway, seventh by Germany, eighth by Hungary.
In a nervous struggle
  Matches between the Russians and the Swedes are always held in an extremely tense struggle, and Sunday's meeting was no exception. Moreover, at the group stage of the World Championship, the hosts of the tournament lost to the main competitors and the current world champions, the Swedes, with a score of 3:6.

On Sunday, Mirgazov's double allowed the Russian athletes to lead by 2 minutes :0, but at the beginning of the second half the opponent reduced the gap to a minimum - 3:2. The team of Mikhail Yuriev increased the gap again - 4:2, but soon the score became equal - 4:4. Mirgazov scored the fifth goal in the 78th minute, and in the remaining time, in a dramatic ending, the Russians managed to keep the victory.

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