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The Russian national team took part in the parade of athletes at the opening of the Olympics

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The Russian team looked worthy at the opening ceremony of the Games in Tokyo.

The team of Russian Olympians and its standard-bearers looked very worthy during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, but in general the atmosphere of the event was more reminiscent of the closing ceremony. Honorary member of the International Olympic Committee, Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee Vitaly Smirnov shared this opinion with TASS.

About 60 Russian athletes took part in the parade. The standard-bearers were Olympic champions Sofia Velikaya (fencing) and Maxim Mikhailov (volleyball). In total, the team for the Olympics included 335 Russian Olympians.

“Our team looked very decent at the opening ceremony of the Olympics. In general, the opening, of course, was very different from the previous ones - the passing ceremony was shorter, there were fewer athletes than usual, and in the manner of their behavior it was more like a closing ceremony, since many even danced, and at the opening usually everyone behaves more solemnly and formally. Surely this is dictated by the created conditions and, possibly, the trends of the times, because now the motto of the games is not just “Faster, higher, stronger”, but also “together”, & nbsp; - said the source of the agency.

Smirnov noted the findings of the organizers of the ceremony. “There were many good finds that make each ceremony different, unique, and this is why every Olympic Games is original in its own way. In general, disassembling and dissecting is a thankless task, but on the whole I liked the discovery, it was dynamic, had a national character, there were many elements that are connected with the history and traditions of Japan and the Japanese people. It was designed for a television audience, which is very important, but I I sure if the stands were full, the response would have been appropriate,  concluded Smirnov.

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