Opening Asia for Russia

The Russian national team has the first gold at the beach games in Qatar

14.10.2019 117 просмотров

The medal of the highest standard was brought by Vladimir Ryanzin in ski jumping into the water.

He scored 59.9 points in Doha. The day before Russian Denis Adeev won silver in open water swimming at a distance of 5 km.

< b> Mongolia will develop < br> surfing
the team is in third place with two medals (1-1-0). The Spanish team is in the lead (4-0-0), the Belarus team is in the second place (1-1-1).

Ryanzin is the silver medalist of the European Championship (2011), the champion of Russia in the all-around (2019).< br>
The first World Beach Games will end on October 16th.

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