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The rally "Silk Way" continues in the Astrakhan steppes

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The international rally "Silk Way" has become the scene of a tough confrontation between athletes who arrived in the Astrakhan steppes from various countries.

The rally takes place both in the category of trucks and cars. At the fifth stage of the race, which unfolded between Astrakhan and Volgograd, famous racer Nani Roma surprised at the speed limit and spectacular turns driving the X-raid Mini Cooper 104. 

He came to the finish line first, opening the scoring of victories on the route for him. His current record is 433 kilometers of Russian off-road covered in 4 hours and 13 minutes.

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The Spaniard was 3 minutes ahead of his team mate Yazid al-Raja, who is still going in the top echelon of the rally. But the athlete Nasser Al-Attiyah, speaking in Toyota, is stubbornly pursued by failures. He can't handle the problem of the rear differential, which prevents him from showing the fans the full power of his piloting.

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In the truck category, Russian athletes are still leading. Anton Shibalov showed the will to win with a good result at the current stage of the rally, but still Dmitry Sotnikov still holds the lead, although his rivals have reduced the gap with him in passing the stages by as much as 26 minutes, which he lost due to technical reasons.
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