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The President congratulated the Russian racers who won the rally in Saudi Arabia

16.01.2021 140 просмотров

Vladimir Putin noted the champion spirit of the Kamaz-master team that won the Dakar rally.

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the crew of the Russian Kamaz-master team on the victory in the Dakar rally marathon in the truck class. The telegram was published on Saturday on the Kremlin website.

“The champion spirit of the KAMAZ crews, their focus on first place is well known to the participants and fans of this legendary rally marathon. Continuing the triumphant history of its predecessors, our team again, for the 18th time, wins the Dakar, confirming the highest level of professionalism and leadership qualities,” the head of state emphasized.

The President thanked the team members, their mentors and technical staff for 'strength of character, hard and coordinated work'.

On January 15, the crews of the Kamaz-master team won the  Dakar rally marathon in truck standings for the 18th time. For the second time in history, the race took place on the territory of Saudi Arabia.

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