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The plague will not pass: Buryatia and Mongolia decided to find justice for it together

11.03.2018 96 просмотров

Buryatia has signed an agreement with Mongolia on joint measures to counteract the spread of the plague.

In Asia, there are natural foci of plague infection. In this regard, Mongolia has signed an agreement with Buryatia on the creation of a common medical data bank to analyze the spread of the disease. A training program for Mongolian doctors in Russia has also been developed. 

For the first time in the last quarter of a century, Ulaanbaatar agreed to conduct joint expeditions with Russian doctors to the natural areas of the plague. 

From the Russian On the other hand, representatives of Rospotrebnadzor are actively cooperating with the Ministry of Health of Mongolia. Russia also donated to the Mongolian side an express laboratory for the rapid detection of the disease, and we are talking not only about the plague. 

A comprehensive program of bilateral cooperation has been developed in the field of further combating acute  virulent diseases.

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