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The opening ceremony of the 2018 Olympics was held under the slogan "For Peace in the World"

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The opening ceremony of the 2018 Games took place on February 9 at the Olympic Stadium in Pyeongchang. The event was complicated by cold weather (minus 1 degree) and high humidity.

Many athletes from different countries refused to participate in the ceremony for fear of catching a cold in an open stadium on the eve of important competitions. The organizers handed out warm blankets and even hats to the spectators. The fans, unlike the athletes, were not afraid of the frosty weather - there was not a single empty seat in the stands.

The ceremony opened with a general plan of the stadium and fireworks around it, one of the flashes turned into the word Welcome ("Welcome") . The first to appear on the stage was a white tiger - it was carried out in the form of a doll on sticks-frames by children. It was Sukhoran the tiger who was chosen as the official mascot of the 2018 Olympics. This animal is closely connected with the mythology of the Republic of Korea and is a symbol of trust, protection and strength.

Together with the tiger, three boys and two girls set off on a long journey. Plot application - the guys find a mysterious cave and a magical fresco. Then the magical guides lead the children into the world of fairy tales, where they meet blue dragons, whimsical butterflies, black snakes, wild boars. The journey was accompanied by the performance of folk dances.

The audience of the ceremony was introduced to the rich historical heritage of South Korea. National clothes, ancient temples and monasteries, the famous Hwaseong fortress - all these images replaced each other to the sound of drums and flutes. The costumes of the participants in the action recreated the colors of the national flag of the Republic of Korea - white, blue and red. The central emblem of the flag reflects the views of the universe as a whole, the interaction of opposite energies of yin and yang. The four elements around symbolize earth, fire, air and water.

After that, the flag of the Republic of Korea was carried into the arena by eight renowned local athletes. The flag was raised to the anthem of the country, which was performed by children from multinational local families.

Greece led the parade of countries

The parade of countries, paying tribute to traditions, was opened by the Greek team. The rest of the countries went in alphabetical order, but when determining the order, the organizers were guided by the South Korean alphabet. The largest number of participants in the parade was in the US team.

Athletes from all countries were dressed very warmly - mostly in ski suits. Each of the countries was accompanied by a girl in a costume reminiscent of the attire of the Russian Snow Maiden. The girls held branches with the name of the country in their hands.

Teams from 92 countries are represented at the 2018 Olympics. For the first time, national teams from the Republic of Kosovo, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, Eritrea and Ecuador are participating in the Winter Games. A number of countries perform after the break - South Africa, Kenya, Colombia, Madagascar, North Korea and others.

Athletes from Russia received a warm welcome

The team of Olympic athletes from Russia entered the parade under the 55th number - between the national teams of Austria and Uzbekistan. 80 representatives of the Russian delegation participated in the parade, in total 168 Russians will take part in the Games. The team was unable to enter the parade under the national flag due to the suspension of the Russian Olympic Committee by the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Russian athletes marched under the Olympic flag carried by a girl volunteer.

Many were worried that the audience of the ceremony would react negatively to the entry of the Russians because of all the recent negative events that preceded the Olympics. Contrary to expectations, everything went without complications: the fans warmly welcomed the team of Olympic athletes from Russia, like all previous countries.

It is noteworthy that the directors of the Olympic broadcast in South Korea still used the image of the Russian Federation when the athletes left Russia on the world map. Some fans from Russia also became spectators of the ceremony. Russian flags were visible from afar in the stands.

The opening ceremony was attended by IOC member Shamil Tarpishchev, head of the Independent Public Anti-Doping Commission Vitaly Smirnov, head of the delegation of Olympic athletes from Russia Stanislav Pozdnyakov, presidential aide Igor Levitin and the Russian ambassador to Seoul Alexander Timonin.

There were some surprises: during the broadcast, during the presentation of the French team on Korean television, the flag of the Russian Federation was shown in the credits instead of the French flag. The workers apparently mixed up the flags because of the similar colors.

Under the flag of a united Korea

The uniqueness of the opening ceremony of the 2018 Games was also that the teams South Korea and North Korea marched in the athletes' parade together under the flag of a united Korea. This event happened for the first time in 12 years. The flag of the united Korea was previously used at the Games in 2000 (Sydney), 2004 (Athens) and 2006 (Turin). After 2006, the flag was not used due to the cooling of relations between the countries.

At the opening ceremony of the Olympics, South Korean President Moon Jae-in met for the first time with the sister of North Korean leader Kim Yo-jong. Representatives of the two countries shook hands. In addition, as you know, a joint women's ice hockey team, made up of athletes from both countries, will perform at the Games.

All the spectators of the ceremony were surprised by an athlete from Tonga, Pita Taufatofua, who was the flag bearer of the country at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio. de Janeiro. In Brazil, he performed as a taekwondoist, and in Pyeongchang he will perform as a skier. At the parade, the brave athlete, despite the cold, came out bare-chested and wearing a traditional Tongai skirt.

The President of South Korea declared the Olympics open

Head of the Organizing Committee of the 2018 Olympics Lee Hee Bum was the first to take the floor, calling the opening ceremony of the competition a historic moment. “It is gratifying that the Republic of Korea is hosting the Olympic Games 30 years after the Seoul Games,” he said. 

“I am sure that the PyeongChang Games will give a ray of hope to all mankind. As Baron Pierre de Coubertin said, the main thing is not victory, but participation, I want to wish all participants to follow the basic Olympic principles, I wish athletes to enjoy the Games and write a new page in history under the motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger".

With the opening of the Olympic Games, everyone also congratulated IOC President Thomas Bach: "Dear Olympians around the world, this is the moment we have all been waiting for," he said. - Dear athletes, now it's your turn, this will be the competition of your life, in the next days the eyes of the whole world will be on you. Despite all the differences, you will live in harmony, as well as mutual respect and adherence to the rules of the Olympic spirit, you will especially enjoy these Games if you follow the rules and stay clean from doping.

The head of the IOC also recalled the spirit of communion that the Olympics bring: "While you compete, you will live together in the Olympic Village," Bach emphasized. - A special example of the unifying power of sports is today's joint procession of the teams of South Korea and the DPRK. Two years ago, a refugee team participated in the Games in Rio de Janeiro for the first time, and this, in turn, gave hope to the whole world, it was a powerful message of peace for all mankind."

For peace in all around the world

It is symbolic that during the ceremony John Lennon's song Imagine ("Imagine") about world peace sounded. To the sounds of the song, the children's journey around the world ended in the present. Participants of the ceremony lit candles, symbolizing the comfort of a family hearth, and then lined up in the images of doves of peace.

The authors of the script of the ceremony made the main bet on advanced technologies - the audience was presented with images of a digitized world, in particular, 120 doors to the future. to the media center, which figuratively conveyed to all corners of the planet the main semantic message of these Games - world peace.

Eight South Korean athletes carried the Olympic flag to the arena. Pian champion in 2010, silver medalist of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. The theme of new technologies continued with the lighting of the Olympic flame - this was done with the help of a telescopic torch.

The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games - 2018 will take place on February 25. The event will also take place at the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium.

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