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The official inauguration ceremony of the Japanese Paralympic team took place

19.08.2021 43 просмотров

In Japan, the official inauguration ceremony of the country's Paralympic team took place. The Tokyo Paralympics will open on August 24.

The ceremony was held in Tokyo on Tuesday.

A record 255 athletes will represent Japan at the Tokyo Games. However, as part of anti-virus measures, the number of those present at the ceremony was limited, and most of them took part remotely.

Among those who attended the event were the captain of the Japanese Paralympic team, wheelchair tennis player Kunieda Sing< /b>o, as well as her vice-captain, goalball player Urata Rie.

During the ceremony, athletes and coaches in each sport were introduced.

Then the head of the Japanese Paralympic delegation Kawai Junichi handed over the national flag, which is also the flag of the team, flag bearers - table tennis player Iwabuchi Koyo and triathlete Tani Mami.

Speaking on behalf of the team, Kunieda said that the Tokyo Olympics demonstrated the power of sports and inspired Japanese athletes to perform strong.

Kunieda promised to put all strength with firmness and perseverance. He expressed his hope that many children in Japan, regardless of their physical limitations, will watch Paralympic competitions and realize the infinity of human potential.

During the 13-day Paralympics, about 4,400 athletes from nearly 160 countries and territories will take part in 539 events across 22 sports.

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