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The officer of the Russian Guard became the winner of the first stage of the World Cup in cross-country skiing

28.11.2021 66 просмотров

The owner of two Big Crystal Globes, the world champion, the instructor of the sports team under the administration of the Ural District of the National Guard Troops, Senior Lieutenant Alexander Bolshunov became the bronze medalist of the first stage of the 15 km Classic World Cup in the Finnish Hand.

On the second day of the competition, a race with a separate start took place. For athletes, the discipline is complicated by the lack of physical competition between skiers, and orienteering is only possible according to the time announced by the team coaches.

Ustyugov 1.jpg

As a result, Finn Iivo Niskanen was the first to take the podium (33:08.6 minutes), « silver” was taken by the Russian Alexey Chervotkin (+8.3 seconds). The third place was closed by an officer of the National Guard Troops Alexander Bolshunov (+14.1 seconds).

Ustyugov Photo by AFP.jpg
Photo: AFP

Another talented athlete, captain Sergey Ustyugov from Urals, took the fifth line of the table.

In the sports season 2021/2022, the World Cup in cross-country skiing includes 14 stages. 

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