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The next Silk Road race can take place anywhere in the world

02.07.2021 47 просмотров

The Silk Way Rally will run until at least 2025.

The Silk Way International Rally Raid will be held annually until at least 2025. Sergey Kupriyanov, the pilot of the Kamaz-master team and the representative of the general sponsor of the competition, Gazprom, said this at a press conference dedicated to the start of the Silk Road 2021.

“There is an agreement that we extend our cooperation until at least 2025, and that means we can all prepare to & nbsp; new adventures, & nbsp; — he said.

The head of the Silk Road project, Vladimir Chagin, told TASS that any place in the world could be the venue for future races. “Our partners don't restrict us in our choice of direction [races in the following years], so we consider all options, we will be happy to conquer other continents as well,” he said.

According to the choice of countries in which the races will be held will be influenced by the invitation of the authorities of the states, and the opinion of the partners of the races. “The most important thing is to have interesting reliefs and landscapes,” added Chagin.

He explained that one of the principles of the Silk Road is to develop new routes every year. “This year, all participants and spectators will see new regions, new landscapes of Russia and Western Mongolia,” said the head of the rally-raid.

The rally has been held since 2009. The race was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Russian team "Kamaz-master" is the current rally champion in the truck class. In 2021, the competitions are held from 1 to 11 July on the territory of Siberia starting from Omsk through the Gobi desert to Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.

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