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The National Guard launches a "ski" flash mob

20.01.2021 215 просмотров

The Russian Guards got on skis in support of their legendary colleague athlete Alexander Bolshunov.

The National Guard is launching an all-Russian flash mob in support of the Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov, the absolute record holder in the number of personal victories and medals won, who for the first time in the history of Russian sports won the prestigious Tour de Ski marathon twice in a row. On January 23, he will continue to compete in the World Cup in cross-country skiing.

videos in which servicemen and employees of the department of various specialties, their families, veterans of the Russian Guard will express support for the Russian athlete, making a ski race.

Honored Master of Sports Alexander Bolshunov - officer of the Russian Guard, lieutenant , serves as an instructor of a sports team under the administration of the Ural District of the National Guard of the Russian Federation.

The start of the flash mob in support of Alexander Bolshunov is given by the Hero of Russia Aleksey Fomin, Colonel, veteran of the Russian Guard, awarded the high title for courage and heroism shown during performing combat missions in the North Caucasus.

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