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The head coach of the Russian national boxing team, Eduard Kravtsov, stressed that Uzbekistan today is one of the leaders in the world arena of Olympic boxing

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The boxing teams of Russia and Uzbekistan are planning to hold joint training camps in May. This was reported by the press service of the Russian Boxing Federation with reference to the head coach of the Russian team Eduard Kravtsov.

"We want the first numbers to come from the national team of Uzbekistan. We will also invite the national team of Kazakhstan to this joint gathering. Subsequently, we want all participants to perform at the Governor's Cup in St. Petersburg," Kravtsov said.

Previously The Russian team held a joint training camp with the team of Kazakhstan at the Academy of the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) in Almaty, after which match meetings were held between the teams of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The team of Uzbekistan brought its second line-up. Nevertheless, Uzbekistan today is one of the leaders on the world stage of Olympic boxing, they are now among the top three strongest teams in the world," Kravtsov emphasized.

Recently, Uzbek boxers have won seven medals at the Indian Open international tournament, five of which are gold and two silver, becoming the first place in the team m standings. Athletes received large cash prizes from the government of the republic.

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