Opening Asia for Russia

The flash mob will be held in support of the World Go Championship

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On the seventh of December, the participants will lay out the boards and put the word MOSCOW on them with stones.


Then the baton will be passed to Yekaterinburg. Let's add that next year Russia will become the capital of the 41st World Go Championship. 

On the fields of the EEF-2018 will be held
go tournament
Prior to this, the tournament was held 33 times in Japan, five times in China, one each in Korea and Thailand. In May 2020, Vladivostok will host participants and fans from 77 countries.

It is noted that over the past 20 years, Russia has become the champion 15 times. Today Go clubs and sections are open in almost every region of the state. The game has been popular since the times of the USSR. Journalists from the Science and Life publication were the first to tell about it.  

Governor Oleg Kozhemyako and others.

The World Championship will present a unique format of the business program, in which the game of Go is assigned the role of a communication bridge that connects East and West behind a common playing field.   

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