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The first women's hockey team appeared in Kyrgyzstan

11.02.2020 131 просмотров

For the first time in the history of Kyrgyzstan, a women's hockey team was formed in the village of Otradnoye.

The experiment is carried out within the framework of a sports school. The "ice team", which has existed for 3 years, included 15 representatives of the fair sex - aged 10 to 20 years. Another Kyrgyz settlement, the city of Naryn, was also marked by a similar undertaking. This is where the local men's hockey team grew up.

Kyrgyzstan Ice Hockey 2.jpg

"This is my garden," says the coach of the women's hockey team, Salamat Abdarakhmanov. seeds and everything that grows here. Well, in winter, for the sixth year in a row, I flood the ice rink here and train. So I use the place all year round!"

Kyrgyzstan Ice Hockey 3.jpg

women's team. By the way, compatriots living in Switzerland helped them to get a beautiful shape. However, the coach and his wards are already making far-reaching plans to participate in national competitions and maybe even international sports competitions.

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