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The final leg of the Olympic torch relay kicked off in Tokyo

09.07.2021 92 просмотров

It is divided into six parts and will end on the opening day of the Olympics on July 23.

The final stage of the Olympic torch relay started on Friday in the Japanese capital exactly two weeks before the start of the Summer Olympic Games. The solemn ceremony on this occasion is held at the stadium "Komazawa Olympic", reports corr. TASS from the scene.

During the ceremony, Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koikereceived a lamp with the Olympic flame from relay ambassador, participant of three Paralympics Aki Taguchi. This marked the official arrival of the flame in Tokyo and the start of the last leg of the relay. The Tokyo leg is divided into six parts. It will end at the main Olympic arena on the opening day of the Games on July 23. “I want to thank the people of our country from the bottom of my heart, who gave us strength,” said the Governor of Tokyo. Yuriko Koike also stressed that the participants of the relay, which will take place throughout Tokyo, are united by a common goal "regardless of age, gender and profession."

The relay race in Tokyo overshadowed the deteriorating situation with coronavirus – this week, daily growth rates reached a maximum in two months. As a result, almost everywhere it will be held behind closed doors without spectators. The exception will be the remote and sparsely populated island territories that are part of Tokyo Prefecture.

The games in the Japanese capital were to be held from July 24 to August 9, 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the competition was postponed for a year. The Olympic Games will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021, the Paralympic Games - from August 24 to September 5.

The way through the country

The relay started on March 25 in a football training center in Fukushima prefecture, which suffered in 2011 from the devastating tsunami and the accident at the nuclear power plant of the same name. The runners carried the fire through the village of Okuma, where the reactors of the emergency nuclear power plant are located, and next to the sculpture of the “Wonderful Pine”. It symbolizes the only one of the 70 thousand trees in the city of Rikuzentakata that survived the natural disaster. But even it could not endure the consequences of the tsunami and died in 2012.

Following Fukushima, the Olympic flame proceeded mainly through the prefectures on the Pacific coast. Then the relay race moved to the southernmost island of Okinawa, from where it turned in the opposite direction and continued moving to the east, along the coast of the Sea of Japan, and then to the northern prefecture of Hokkaido and the northeastern prefectures of Iwate and Miyagi, which were also devastated by the tsunami.

The participants of the relay race carried the flame next to Mount Fuji, sacred to the Japanese, a silk manufactory in Tomioka (Gumma Prefecture). All these sites are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Part of the race passed through the Peace Park in the city of Hiroshima, which was atomically bombed during World War II. On the southwestern island of Kyushu, fire was carried past Kumamoto Castle, which was hit by a devastating earthquake in the spring of 2016.

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