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The crew of Andrey Karginov won the fifth stage of the Dakar in the truck classification

06.01.2022 117 просмотров

The next stage will be held on Friday in Riyadh.

The crew of the Russian Andrey Karginov from the Kamaz-master team won the truck category at the fifth stage of the Dakar rally marathon. The race takes place in Saudi Arabia.

The distance of the special stage was 421 km. The crew of Andrey Karginov showed the result of 4 hours 1 minute 2 seconds. The second, third and fourth places were also taken by the crews of Kamaz-master — Dmitry Sotnikov (lag — 2 minutes 25 seconds), Anton Shibalov (+4.47) and Eduard Nikolaev (+5.08), respectively. Dmitry Sotnikov leads the overall standings with a time of 19 hours 9 minutes 20 seconds. The second is Eduard  Nikolaev (+9.53), third — Anton Shibalov (+26.27), Andrey Karginov is sixth (+1:38.12).

In the SUV category, the South African Henk Lategan won the stage (3:53.28), the Russian Vladimir Vasiliev finished tenth (+8.53), Denis Krotov - 21st (+18.30). Nasser Al-Attiyah (17:24.23) is the leader in the overall standings, Vladimir Vasiliev is fifth (+1.07.52), Denis Krotov - 15th (+2:40.21).

In the motorcycle class, the stage was won by the representative of South Africa Aaron Mare (3:11.09), the leader in the overall standings is the Briton Sam Sunderland< /b> (19:01.50). Frenchman Alexandre Giroud (4:11.47) became the best in the ATV standings, Alexander Maksimov took the sixth place (+51.57). Alexander Giroud (23:51.48) is the leader in the overall standings, Alexander Maksimov is fourth (+1:06.32). In the category of motorcycles and ATVs, the stage was stopped ahead of schedule due to the inability to provide the competition with the required number of medical helicopters.

In the classification of the class T3 buggy, the Chilean Seth Quintero (4:21.10), took the first place, Pavel Lebedev became 19th (+49.08), Andrey Novikov — 20th (+58.08). Francisco Lopez Contardo (20:38.29), Pavel Lebedev is in tenth place (+4:40.46), Andrey Noviko< b>to
goes 35th (+34:10.27). In the T4 class, the Brazilian Rodrigo Luppi de Oliveira (4:33.12), Sergey Karjakinwas the third (+4.10), Tatiana Sychev — 41st (+1:57.00). In the overall standings Rodrigo Luppide Oliveira (21:21.33), Sergey Karyakin is in eighth place (+2:23.49), Tatyana Sycheva — on the 36th (+10:37.42).

The next stage will take place on January 7 in Riyadh. The distance of the special stage will be 402 km. The Dakar Rally will end on January 14th.

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