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The composition of the Russian delegation to the Beijing Olympics has been approved

21.01.2022 114 просмотров

The delegation of the Russian team at the Beijing Olympics will include 509 people.

The delegation of the Russian team at the Winter Olympics in Beijing will be 509 people. Andrey Kokokotin, chief of the Russian team's mission at the Beijing Olympics, commented on this.

“Russian athletes will take part in all types of the program. In total, the Olympic delegation includes 509 people - athletes, coaches, staff, employees of the ROC, FMBA and the operational headquarters. The expanded list of the ROC team included 217 athletes - 98 women and 119 men from 27 regions of the country. 12 Olympic champions of previous years will take part in the Games. These figures are not final,” Andrey Kokokotin said.

109 sets of medals will be played at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

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