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The coach of the Cyprus national football team noted the merits of the Russian team

04.09.2021 114 просмотров

The Russian national team plays fast football and looks competitive. The head coach of the Cyprus national team, Nikolaos Kostenoglou, spoke about this at a press conference.

The match of the fifth round of the qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup between the national teams of Cyprus and Russia will be held on September 4 in Nicosia. The match will begin at 19:00 Moscow time.

“We believe that it is necessary to forget all the negative moments and incidents in the previous games,” said Kostenoglu. - We recognize the strength of the opponent and are fully prepared for the game. The Russian national team is at an intermediate stage, yes, perhaps the previous games did not bring a good result. But the team has a new coach, good players, only time will tell how good the team is.”

“The team is very fast in attack, has a high rhythm, this team is competitive on the field, there are good prospects. I don't want to make assumptions about the result, the only thing we strive for is to show a good game. I would not like to single out individual players, the team really has strong and promising players. As for the work of new players, we will only be able to understand how good they are with time,” added Kostenoglu.

results of four matches 7 points. The second place is occupied by the Russian team (7 points), the third - by the Slovakian team (6), the fourth - by the Slovenes (4), the Maltese are on the fifth line (4), the Cypriots close the table (4).

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