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The coach of Russian hockey players spoke about the peculiarities of living in the Beijing Olympic Village

04.02.2022 87 просмотров

Russian hockey players in Beijing eat only in rooms and do not use elevators.

Russian hockey players in Beijing Olympic Village eat food only in their rooms and do not use elevators. The head coach of the team Evgeny Bobariko told the journalists about this.

Earlier, the coach reported that at the moment, six players of the national team are sick with coronavirus. Two hockey players, Diana Farkhutdinova and Ekaterina Nikolaeva, are in the hospital. The Russian national team for the first time went to training after a three-day quarantine.

“We meet        meet    Everyone sits in rooms, food is brought to them, we only leave the rooms when we pass the tests. There is a ban on visiting the elevator, everyone only goes down the stairs. All precautions were taken,” said the coach.

Due to the cancellation of test matches, the Russians have not had match practice for a long time, given that the pause in the Parimatch Championship—Women's Hockey League came in  ;early December. “Then the championship was stopped due to the cancellation of the Universiade. We arrived for the training camp, passed the tests, and in the evening we were told to go home, as there would be no Universiade. Next, the World Youth Championship was to be held: the girls got together, did some work, but they were told that they fly out nowhere,  said Bobariko.

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