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The best swimmers of Siberia will be chosen in Abakan

18.02.2020 88 просмотров

More than 400 athletes from 10 regions came to the capital of Khakassia.

The Siberian swimming championship and championship started in the Abakan sports complex. Competitions have been held since 2015 and are considered one of the most significant events in the sports life of Siberia.

Police officers swim
in uniform in Chelyabinsk
All major disciplines are represented at the competitions: breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, medley, backstroke and relay.

Among the traditional leaders are the teams of the Novosibirsk region, the Krasnoyarsk Territory, where in million-plus cities there are strong th swimming schools. 

Competitions in Khakassia will last until February 21st. Athletes will compete for 210 gold, silver and bronze medals.

The winners will participate in the championship and championship of Russia, after which the best swimmers will have the opportunity to compete in European and world championships. 

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