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The best chess players of the world will compete for a record prize fund in Sochi

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The Men's and Women's Chess World Cups with a record prize fund have started in Sochi.

The Men's and Women's World Cups started on Sunday in Sochi, the chess marathon will end on 6 August. The    

As President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Arkady Dvorkovich said in an interview with TASS, more than 300 participants are expected at the World Cups. “There are very few refusals to participate in competitions, in fact, this confirms that the decision to hold the World Cups is correct,” he said. — We prepare to ensure the safety of participants at the highest level. Chess players are confident in us.”

Russia will be represented by 24 participants in the men's tournament, including four-time winner of the World Team Championship Alexander Grischuk and winner of the 2015 World Cup, participant in the match for the world chess crown 2016 Sergey Karyakin. In total, 206 chess players will play in the men's tournament, including world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, American Fabiano Caruana, Armenian Levon Aronian, Dutchman Anish Giri.

15 Russians will compete in the women's tournament, including Alexandra Goryachkina, Ekaterina Lahno and Alina Kashlinskaya. The tournament among women will be held with the participation of 103 athletes, including Ukrainian Maria and Anna Muzychuk, Georgian Nana Dzagnidze, Hariki Dronavalli from India and Chinese Tan Zhongyi.

According to Andrey Filatov, President of the Chess Federation of Russia, representatives of the Russian chess school are capable of winning the tournament. “We hope that one of our chess players will be able to win the World Cup, of course, - he told TASS. — But with special attention we will monitor the performance of our young grandmasters, our future.»

Carlsen's participation only raises the status of the Sochi tournament. The reigning world champion has never won a World Cup. The last time he participated in tournament in 2017 in Tbilisi, then the Norwegian lost to the Chinese Bu Xiangzhi in the third round. And here's Carlsen's opponent in the upcoming match for the world chess crown, Russian Jan Nepomniachtchi decided to skip the tournament in Sochi in order to better prepare for the battle with the Norwegian.

Vaccination  recommendation

< p> The issue of safety and compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards are acute today for the organizers of any competition. The organizers in Sochi assure that everything has been foreseen here. As TASS Dvorkovich emphasized, tests for coronavirus will be regular. “During the tournaments, we will test everyone for the presence of the virus several times,” said the head of FIDE. “ We also provided that if there is a request for vaccination from the side of the participants, then we will try to provide assistance, while emphasizing that vaccination is not compulsory, it is a recommendation.»

As for the Russian team, according to Filatov, almost all of the coaching staff were vaccinated against the coronavirus. “The coaching staff of the national team was almost completely vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine, many of the players of our national team, too,” said Filatov. — At the same time, we launched a large-scale vaccination process in the federation, already 60% of employees have been vaccinated.

The regulations of the World Cup include knockout matches. The total prize fund of the men's tournament is $1,892,500, and the women's tournament is $676,250. The current prize fund is a record for the World Cups.

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