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Thai boxing is gaining popularity in Russia: a Muay Thai tournament was held in the capital

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Thai boxing, or as it is also called - Muay Thai, is gaining great popularity in Russia. Championships, competitions began to be held regularly, winners were determined.

Maria Klimova feels like a fish in water in the ring - she has been professionally engaged in Thai boxing for a long time, she trains every day and goes into battle already with a sense of victory - so Maria became the champion at the last tournament. 

"The exit itself is inexpressible emotions, all this energy, people, light, music, all this is very exciting and ... I want to smile, show myself - a very cool moment" - shared her impressions about the tournament Russian Thai boxing champion Maria Klimova. 

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The organizer of the Moscow competitions is the Capital Thai Boxing Federation. Participants of the Muay Thai Moscow 2 tournament fought for the title of Russian champion in different weight categories. All the attention of the audience was riveted to two rivals - Andrey Khromov and Abdulmalik Mugidinov. Andrey Khromov confidently won the main fight of the tournament, noting that one of the rounds was the most successful for him. 

“I really felt that I won the third round. And the next two rounds went even better,” said Russian Thai boxing champion Andrey Khromov about the fight. 

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According to the audience, the last tournament demonstrated real Thai boxing – with all its peculiarities.

“The fights were good, with intrigue, I think the audience enjoyed it a lot. The level of fights was really very high, and everyone was talking about one thing, that at last real Thai boxing in the capital on such a scale, ”- summed up the tournament a member of the Public Chamber of Russia, Thai boxing champion Grigory Drozd. 

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Russian Muay Thai stars performed in the ring: Abdul Dadaev, Evgeny Nikitin, Sergey Kosykh and many others. Thai boxing originated in Thailand around the 16th century and even then became popular in its homeland. The second wave of fame came to this sport in the second half of the 20th century, when Thai fighters won a number of impressive victories over representatives of other martial arts. The peculiarity of modern Thai boxing is that you can strike with fists, feet, shins, elbows and knees - because of this, Muay Thai is called the "fight of eight limbs".

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