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Tashkent residents went to exercise

25.09.2018 52 просмотров

About two thousand residents of the city were engaged in physical education in the open air, Podrobno.Uz. 

Earlier, the mayor's office of the Uzbek capital made an appeal to improve health. Children and youth sports schools were chosen as the main venues for morning exercises. Today, not only pupils of specialized schools, but also residents of neighboring houses took part in the citywide event. 

In total, 1870 people joined the action, and in some places up to 400 athletes were involved in sports at the same time. 

The city authorities assure the people of Tashkent, "that a person close to sports is insured against many diseases, and also guarantees longevity." 
< b>In a remote village of Primorye, a
universal sports ground

The administration of Tashkent wants to further spread the practice of holding sports activities. Thus, a recommendation has already been issued to enterprises of the city to provide all employees with sports equipment. At the same time, such actions should be held "taking into account their interests and age." 

Another initiative was the proposal to allocate one day a week for the "Day of Sports and Health".

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