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talented juvenile football commentator appeared in Syria

07.05.2020 130 просмотров

In the suburbs of Damascus, on one of the small and impassable streets, the loud hubbub of children playing football overrides the sonorous voice of Hazem el-Hossain, an aspiring football commentator.

“I don’t support any of the football teams,” the 12-year-old commentator admits. “I think a real sportscaster should take a neutral position. Although, of course, I have my own preferences. I like Spanish, English, Italian and French Leagues.

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Previously, Hazem recorded his comments on matches on video and sent videos as a blogger on the Web to hundreds of subscribers to their pages. Now he is deprived of this opportunity and, in order not to lose his skills, comments on street football your friends.

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"When I start playing football on Play St ation, he always sits down next to me and begins to comment on all the passes, - proudly says Mulham el-Hossain, brother of Hazem. - I hope one day he will become a famous sports journalist."

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Hazem's unusual talent manifested itself extremely early: already at the age of 5 he enthusiastically and at a quite professional level commented on the whole game of two Spanish clubs - Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

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"He's very photogenic and has a beautiful voice," notes Sonel Ali, a listener of Hazem's sports commentary. - But do not forget that the boy is only 12, he is in the sixth grade. We are all very happy that the guy has such a talent, but we have no journalism schools in Syria to educate such children, although we clearly do not have enough sports commentators here.

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