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Syrian doctors receive diplomas to work in Turkey

22.03.2018 51 просмотров

The training courses, consisting of a week of theory and six weeks of practice, are intended for those who lost their diploma during the resettlement.

Syrian doctors who arrived in Turkey after the outbreak of hostilities in their homeland, following a seven-week training course, received certificates from the country's Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) necessary to work in Turkish medical institutions. These documents replaced diplomas of higher medical education for those who did not bring them with them or lost them.

Since Turkey has accommodated more than 3.5 Syrians on its territory since 2011, Syrian doctors are urgently needed in the country: they are and provide services to their compatriots, with whom local doctors can find it difficult to communicate.

The preparation of Syrian doctors for work in Turkey consisted of a week of theory and six weeks of practical courses, while they worked side by side with Turkish colleagues, consulted themselves accepted patients under the supervision of curators. Training is conducted in 7 training centers established since January last year. To date, more than 800 doctors have received the certificate.

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