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Swimmer Dmitry Chernyaev brought the Russian team the 15th Paralympic gold

29.08.2021 53 просмотров

The athlete covered the distance in 1 minute 31.96 seconds.

Russian Dmitry Chernyaev won the gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in the 100m breaststroke.

Dmitry Chernyaev set a time of 1 minute 31.96 seconds world record. The Colombian Moises Fuentes Garcia (1:35.86) was second, the Greek Antonios Tzapatakis (1:40.20) was third. Russian Alexander Molkov finished fourth (1:41.27).

Athletes compete in the SB4 category. Swimmers in this class have coordination problems affecting all four limbs, or they have movement in their arms, but their trunk or legs do not work.

Dmitry Chernyaev 21 years old, he is well-deserved master of sports of Russia. The swimmer became the world champion in 2019 and the European champion in 2020.

Alexander Molkov34 years old, he is a master of sports of Russia of international class. In 2019, the Russian took fifth place at the World Championships.

The Russian team takes third place in the medal standings, having won 15 gold, 9 silver and 23 bronze medals. The leader of the standings is the team of China (38-27-27), the second place is taken by the team of Great Britain (21-18-17).

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