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Sri Lanka opens tuk-tuk season

03.07.2020 57 просмотров

Sri Lanka hosted the first tuk-tuk auto rickshaw race this year - this is what they call a three-wheeled vehicle equipped with a passenger cabin for 2 seats and a two-stroke engine.

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Length The motor track was about 140 kilometers of cross-country travel. Pilots had to get over water obstacles, jump on hills, get out of potholes and, in general, enjoy all the delights of the Sri Lankan off-road. The road passed through stone slabs, jungle and asphalt roads. 

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"I don't know what kind of roads tuk-tuks are made for, but some sections were generally terrible," said the tourist, who did not give her name. -  ; Overall, though, it's such an adventure! We even had an engine breakdown on the way and had to push the tuk-tuk to the garage."

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the basic motorized unit without which life stops. In total, about one million two hundred thousand autorickshaws are officially registered on the island with a population of 21 million people.

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A total of 237 teams of 3 people each took part in the race. The event lasted 2 days. 

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