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Special forces of the National Guard are preparing to compete

04.01.2021 107 просмотров

Special Forces units of the Russian Guard have begun preparations for large-scale competitions.

The servicemen of the Russian Guard have begun training as part of a comprehensive preparatory program for the All-Russian competition among special forces units of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, which is planned to be held at the departmental Mountain Training Center in the Krasnodar Territory.

Teams from all districts of the Russian Guard will fight for the championship . About 300 people will take part in the competition. The special forces will have to pass a number of difficult tests in overcoming the fire-assault zone, storming buildings and freeing hostages, fulfill the standards for communications, tactical medicine, engineering and mountain training, and tactical-situational shooting exercises. The culmination of the competition will be a multi-kilometer forced march over rough terrain with the development of practical tasks to search for and neutralize conditional militants.

The purpose of the competition is to identify the most trained units and motivate the special forces to constantly improve their professional skills and develop non-standard solutions in the performance of responsible tasks.

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