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South Korean Tae Hoon Kim wins China Grand Slam

20.01.2018 175 просмотров

Russian Mikhail Artamonov took third place at the Grand Slam taekwondo tournament in the weight category up to 58 kg, which takes place in Wuxi, China.

The winner was the South Korean Tae Hong Kim. 

The second place was taken by his compatriot Chong Chan.

Artamonov is the winner of the Grand Prix 2017, the silver medalist of the World Championship - 2017, the bronze medalist of the European Championship - 2016.

The Grand Slam series consists of four tournaments a year, each of which every Saturday starting from December 30, two sets of awards in individual competitions (women and men in one weight category) are played. Earlier at the tournament gold in weight up to 80 kg was won by Russian Maxim Khramtsov, Roman Kuznetsov - silver in weight over 80 kg, Alexei Denisenko - bronze in weight up to 68 kg. 

The tournament will end on January 27 with team competitions.< br>

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