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South Korean leader will not attend Tokyo Olympics

21.07.2021 113 просмотров

The office of the President of the Republic of Korea, Moon Jae-in, said that he had decided not to come to Japan to attend the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held on Friday.

The office of the leader of the republic announced the decision on Monday. He also said that the Minister of Sports of South Korea Hwang Hee will be present at the opening ceremony of the Games instead of the president.

The presidential office was preparing the visit of Moon Jae-in to Japan which was supposed to take place during the Olympics. During this visit, it was planned to hold the first talks between the South Korean President and Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide face to face. This would be Moon Jae-in's first trip to Japan in more than two years.

While the consultations have achieved a significant level of understanding, officials say their progress has been deemed insufficient to to count on the success of the summit.

They also noted that the decision was made taking into account different circumstances.

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