Opening Asia for Russia

South Korean club may be included in the Continental Hockey League

19.02.2018 52 просмотров

The President of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) René Fasel came up with such an initiative at a press conference in Pyeongchang: “Why don’t South Koreans play in the KHL in order to raise the overall level of the game in the country?”

But for this, "it would not be bad to have a good professional league." "It's one thing when a team is created for the Olympics, and another thing is when a club is created for the long term, as is done in China," he said. 

Today, the leading South Korean clubs play in the Asian Hockey League , where nine teams from Japan, China, South Korea and Russia participate - HC Sakhalin. 
I must say that the first Asian hockey team to play in the KHL was the Chinese club Kunlun. Under the leadership of Vladimir Yurzinov Jr., he has been playing in the KHL for the second season.

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