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South Korea profits from winter Olympics

09.10.2018 44 просмотров

The head of the organizing committee of the Games in Pyeongchang spoke about this the day before, TASS reports. 

The financial results of the Winter Olympics in South Korea were announced during the regular session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Beom, the organization generated $55 million in revenue during the Olympic Games.
"We have achieved 120 percent of our original goal in terms of total sponsorship and donor revenue," said a South Korean sports official. .
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South Korean lugers
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According to Lee Hee Bum , the total revenue from the Games reached one billion dollars. Such an indicator was enthusiastically received in South Korea. Thus, the vast majority of citizens of the country (84%) positively assess the results of the competition.
Also during the IOC session, it became known that Japan would treat the Games more prudently. The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee has announced that it intends to cut the cost of hosting the competition by $4.3 billion.

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