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South Korea becomes the center of plastic surgery

12.10.2018 52 просмотров

This was revealed in a government report released the day before, according to Yonhap News Agency.

According to data released by the South Korean cabinet, 48,000 foreigners visited the country last year, who wanted to change their appearance with the participation of Korean plastic surgeons.

In total, foreign patients, according to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Korea, spent about 190 million dollars on such operations. At the same time, the total number of foreign citizens who arrived in the country with the hope of improving their health reached 400,000 people.
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< br> As noted in the study, plastic surgery remains the leader in the amount of money earned. Thus, about 33% of all medical expenses of foreigners fell on this area of medicine.

In addition, the rates for the services of plastic surgeons are the highest. So, on average, one such operation costs clients $3,890, while general surgeons charge one and a half times less for their services, and the work of pediatricians costs only about $2,300.

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