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Snowmobile festival will be held in Altai

09.02.2019 114 просмотров

It is called "Hot Snow", the grand opening will take place today.

The most exciting part will be the competition "Enduro on snowmobiles and snowbikes". Participants will have to overcome the track with a height difference of more than 2 kilometers.

"Northern Trail - 2019"
reached Yamal
The purpose of the festival is development of technical sports, winter tourism, support for nature conservation and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The winners will be invited to participate in a snowmobile trip to the foot of Belukha and the source of the Katun River. In addition, the winners will go to the anti-poaching raid of the Katunsky Reserve in the habitats of the musk deer.

This animal, which was included in the Red Book of Altai the year before last, has become a symbol of the festival. Musk deer is a small artiodactyl animal. It looks like a deer, but it doesn't have antlers.

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