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Skier Natalya Nepryaeva brought the first Olympic medal to the Russian national team

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The Norwegian Teresa Johaug won the race.

Skier Natalya Nepryaeva took second place in the 15 km skiathlon and brought the Russian team the first medal of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

The winner of the race was the Norwegian Teresa Johaug, overcoming the distance in 44 minutes 13.7 seconds. Natalia Nepryaeva lost 30.2 seconds to the winner. Third place went to the Austrian Teresa Stadlober (+30.5). Russian Anastasia Rygalina took eighth place (+1.17.2), Tatyana Sorina became 11th (+2.17.6), Yulia Stupak — 24th (+4.13.8).

In the skiathlon, skiers overcome the first 7.5 km in the classical style, and the final 7.5 km in the free style. After the first half of the distance, the athletes go to the pit stop to change skis.

Natalya Nepryaeva26 years old, this medal was her second at the Olympics. In Pyeongchang, the athlete won the bronze medal in the relay. The Russian skier is also a silver and two-time bronze medalist at the World Championships. This season she became the first Russian woman to win the Tour de Ski overall standings.

Therese Johaug 33 years old, she is the 2010 Olympic relay champion. The current gold medal was the first personal award of the highest standard at the Olympic Games in the career of an athlete. She was the silver medalist of the 2014 Games in the 30 km marathon and won bronze in the 10 km classic. The Norwegian athlete is a 14-time world champion and three-time World Cup winner.

29-year-old Teresa Stadlober won her first medal at the Olympics.

Doping history Teresa Johaug

In October 2016, Teresa Johaug tested positive for clostebol. The banned substance was in a lip ointment that the skier said she used to treat sunburn. The doctor for the Norwegian cross-country skiing team Fredrik Bendiksen resigned, taking responsibility for what happened, as it was he who inadvertently recommended Teresa Johaug to use this ointment.
< br> By decision of the National Olympic Committee of Norway, the athlete was disqualified for 13 months for violating anti-doping rules. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) extended this period to 18 months, emphasizing that the athlete herself should have paid attention to the warning label on the drug box, as well as to its composition.

Due to the extension of the period of ineligibility Teresa Yohaug missed the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

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