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Ski season opened in Kemerovo Sheregesh

07.11.2018 149 просмотров

Snowboarders and skiers have already started skiing on the slopes of Mount Zelyonaya (Kemerovo).

Officially, the start of the races was given on November 1. However, there was not enough snow and therefore only one lift worked. Now the cover has increased. After the 17th, another 10 lifting machines will be launched. Local weather forecasters note that the height of snowdrifts in Kuzbass can already reach 20 centimeters.

A new  
mountain slope
Sheregesh is one of the most visited ski resorts in Russia. More than a million people come here every year. The skiing season starts, as a rule, in November and lasts until May. The snow cap on the mountain lasts up to 280 days.

The total length of the slopes in the resort is more than 35 thousand meters. There are both easy slopes for lovers of calm skiing, and advanced routes for those who want to test themselves and their abilities.

Much attention is paid to the safety of tourists. Round-the-clock duty is carried out by the post of rescue service. Meanwhile, the snow in Sheregesh does not harden and almost does not collapse, which not only reduces the risk of avalanches, but also makes skiing as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The life of the resort is very busy. The ski season opens with the Yeti festival. They widely celebrate the New Year and Maslenitsa. And in April, the main event of Sheregesh is traditionally held - the music festival "Grelka Fest". On it in 2016, a record was set for the mass descent of skiers in swimsuits. 1111 half-dressed lovers of the sun and mountain skis rolled down the mountain at the same time.

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